SRO Membership Application

If you have determined that you are ready to start your own firm, then the expertise of our Registrations service can facilitate the application to help ensure a seamless process. The lengthy registration process can make the set-up of a firm laborious and time-consuming. Our registration professionals have set up numerous firms and have the experience, expertise and vast industry contacts to aid clients in the application process. We can also assist firms in the preparation and filing of individual registrations.

New registrants can also retain RMS to draft certain documents that are required as part of the application process. Clients can elect to have RMS prepare items such as a Policy and Procedures Manuals; Business Continuity Plans; and Internal Control Policy documents to satisfy this obligation.

Whatever our clients decide, RMS will ensure that all items required as part of the application process are accounted for and completed correctly to avoid potentially lengthy delays. Our commitment to you is to ensure that your application is completed on a timely basis and avoid unnecessary delays.


Registration and Licensing

Our goal at RMS is to provide services based on each client’s needs. For example, certain clients retain RMS for the initial registration process. Others wish to have us manage the process on a continuous basis. Whatever you decide, RMS will provide the expertise and resources to assist firms in their Registrations needs.