Compliance Audit Program

RMS’s Compliance Audit Program assists clients in fulfilling a range of compliance obligations by conducting independent audits and reviews of certain books, records and data. We help our clients identify incidences of non-compliance and increase confidence in the integrity of the information, systems and processes under review.

We employ our compliance background and in-house staff of former industry professionals to conduct audits for your firm that will help you to achieve compliance best practices. Your compliance program will benefit from the watchful and experienced eye of a third party consultant, trained to review your existing compliance program with the same attention as regulators.


What are the benefits of the program?

  1. You will leverage the experience of well-versed industry consultants, the objectivity of a third party, and our expertise to survey the health of your compliance program and work to achieve compliance best practices.
  2. Your firm will be better prepared for the time when your principal regulator comes in to conduct an actual audit and keep any violations to a minimum by adequately preparing for an examination and addressing any compliance issues before-hand.


How is the audit conducted?

RMS professionals will visit your company’s office to conduct a review of the compliance program in place at your firm. The review is conducted by the same method in which an audit would be performed by a regulator, by conducting a calculated sampling of materials such as compliance files, books & records, and transactions.

Many firms have used us to perform a “pre-audit” to determine the state of their preparedness for a formal visit by a regulator.  Whether you are currently a registrant or just starting your compliance program, an audit program is a great way to define and optimize your compliance program.